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Based on Pearl Hydrogen’s Air-cooling and Self-humidification (PASH) technology, Pearl Hydrogen’s fuel cell give you more green transportation. While the traditional fuel cell technology can provide zero-emission transportation solutions, but the complex system structure, the sensitivity to the environmental conditions and the high cost of fuel cells are all the huge obstacles to commercialization .

Pearl’s PASH technology effectively overcome these obstacles, based on which fuel cells can integration and application easily. EOS series fuel cells as the latest generation of Pearl, can provide reliable and clean solutions for the niche transportation and a variety of tools vehicles.

Easy Integration

EOS series fuel cell has a better environmental adaptability and simple structure, easy to integrate into system instead the traditional products, rather than changing a lot to the original structure .


No need to change the original frame structure, the fuel cell can be directly integrated into the original bicycle.


tl_files/cms_themes/images/li_b.pngForklift and Tourist car

EOS series fuel cell can be freely arranged in the tourist car and forklift system to replace the original lead-acid battery power system without changing any original structure.


tl_files/cms_themes/images/li_c.pngEasy Integration

EOS series fuel cells significantly reduced more than 70% of the number of parts, which can greatly reduced the requirements of control, so it is easy to integrated into terminal application.

Better User Experience

1. Long Driving Range:

EOS series fuel cell using in niche transportation can provide longer continuous working time, giving the user more convenient.


2.Low noise:

EOS series fuel cell’s noise is not more than 60db in normal operating, which are much lower than the diesel engine noise 100 dB or more. When motors are driving, Basically, the process of moving the vehicle cannot be heard when the fuel cell working. Even when idle, and its sound cannot be observed easily.

3.Better Environmental Adaptability:

Traditional lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries operating at high or low temperatures, the battery’s flying power will be seriously affected. While EOS series fuel cell’s flying power are not affected by the temperature.