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2008-09-28 15:39 by marketing

PEARL achieves CE certificate

PEARL's 220W fuel cells system have achieved CE certificate. It is also the only fuel cell products in China who achieved CE certificate.

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2008-09-22 15:48 by marketing

Presence in China Hi-Tech Fair

Pearl Hydrogen will be present in The 9th China Hi-Tech Fair in Shenzhen during the period of 12th-17th Oct.

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2008-09-22 15:45 by marketing

Test-ride on fuel cell powered bicycle in London

The people in the photo are members of his Hydrogen transport committee. They ride the fuel cell powered bicycle which is developed by Pearl Hydrogen.

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2007-09-06 15:59 by marketing

New hydrogen fuel cell bike unveiled in Shanghai

A new hydrogen fuel cell-powered bike has been unveiled in Shanghai, it has been revealed.

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