About Us

Pearl Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd ( briefly called "Pearl Hydrogen" ) is a hi-tech company leading the world in the field of air-cooling and self-humidification PEMFC. Since its establishment in Jan.2006,Pearl Hydrogen has been focused in the commercialization of fuel cells. We have made progress in several key-technology fields such as the manufacturing of key materials and the designing of the fuel cells stacks structure, and we have the complete intellectual property of those technology.

Products & Solutions

Pearl's products are endued with excellent performance in real environment due to Pearl's PASH technology. PASH technology can improve fuel cells' performance in many aspects:

  • Simpler Structure, Smaller Size and Lighter in Weights
  • Higher Reliability
  • Competitive Cost
  • Simpler Control System
  • Higher fuel efficiency
  • Better Environmental Adaptability and excellent performance of CCM