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Providing uninterrupted communications services are the basic requirements of telecom operators, which directly impact on user`s satisfaction, operating income and critical public communications. Traditional backup power are lacking in duration, cost and reliability when events like risk situation and unforeseen natural disasters occur. Backup power solutions featured with long duration and low cost comparatively, so the operators are now giving more and more attention to it. Green and energy-saving communications backup power which are independent of power grid and can provide ultra-long power supply time becomes the future develop direction.



Ultra-long energy supply time

If the operator contains higher power-supply requirement for the outdoor base station backup power(>8 hours). Fuel cell backup power solutions, compared with traditional backup power solutions ,can be easily achieving long sustained energy supply time without considering the cost and weight. 12 hours, 16 hours, 24 hours long power supply time let operators no longer worrying about the duration of backup power.

Cutting down the total cost of operation

Compared to traditional backup power solutions, the life of fuel cell backup power are up to ten year and only requires a simple annual maintenance which greatly reduces the operator's equipment building and personnel maintenance cost in the life cycle of fuel cells. Meanwhile, fuel cells` good environment adaptability can effectively reduce the maintenance costs. Fuel cell backup power, compared with traditional backup power ,contains higher ROI in 3 years, as shown.

Environment-friendly and zero emission

Fuel cell backup power do not emit Carbon dioxide, Sulfur and Nitrogen compounds and other toxic gases during operation; no noise, only produce water and heat. Fuel cell backup power eventually totally no pollution at EOL, so it is the most clean solution.