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Pearl Hydrogen support fuel cell vehicle race in Taiwan


The first fuel cell vehicle race in Taiwan was held in National University of Tainan in 14th-15th, Nov, 2008. Lots of people were attracted by the race. Five teams took part in the race, they are from National University of Tainan, National KaoHsiung University of Applied Science, Tainan University of Technology, Ta Hwa Institute of Technology, Kao Yuan University.

It was the first fuel cell vehicle race held in campus. The attendees were engaged in the event for months with full support from their universities. In the race the average speed should not be lower than 15km/hr. Any one who can cover the longest range with 20g hydrogen will be awarded championship.

After a two hour race, the team from National KalHsiung University of Applied Science beat all the other teams!

Pearl Hydrogen supplied fuel cells for four teams of the race and these teams became the top 4 in the race.

Pearl Hydrogen will continue its work to promote the applications of fuel cells.

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