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EOS 04 fuel cell stack

tl_files/cms_contents/products_list/eos-04.pngProducts characters:

  • Low cost of custom, custom power range: 5W-120W
  • Light weight compact design;
  • Low noise;
  • Simple system and high reliability;
  • Quick startup, good dynamic performance;
  • Excellent environment adaptability;
  • Simple control and communication policy.

EOS series fuel cells are all based on Pearl's PASH technology. The unique technology can ensure fuel cells' more stable operation in atrocious and working weather.

EOS 04 fuel cell The fuel cell stack can power according to practical application of customer demand, the increase or decrease the number of single cell to achieve rapidcustomization. At the same time, E0S04 series of fuel cell stack with high strength injection end plate, not only effectively reduce the overall cost of the fuel cell stack, and makes it more suitable for commercial production.

Type Based on Pearl's PASH technology
Performance Rated power 5W-120W
Rated voltage 0.6V*Single cell number
Rated current 3.2A
DC Voltage range 1.5V-59V
Efficiency ≥50%
Fuel Pure hydrogen ≥99.95%
Pressure 0.35 –0.5bar
Hydrogen consumption 3.25ml/min(Single cell rated)
Oxidant/coolant Air
Pressure Ambient Pressure
Environment temperature -5-40℃
Relative Humidity 20%-95%

*Data achieved at the surrounding temperature range from 15℃-35℃ and the RH% from 30 - 90%.

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