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Educational kits

Pearl Hydrogen's fuel cell educational kits conform to the standard of Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China(JY/T0406-2010).The quality is reliable and stable.Students can acquire an intuitive understanding of the energy conversion process and its application. It will greatly stimulate the motivation among students.tl_files/cms_contents/solutions/education-kits1.png


Educational Kits and its components: Electrolyser and Fuel cell

Our company provides the core components of fuel cell educational kits: electrolyser and fuel cell. Our products are reliable and stable. We also provide customized products according to client requirement( ≧1000-set).


Electrolyzer cell module

Voltage: 1.8-2V
Current: 0.25-0.8A
Size(mm): 77*65*32
Weight: 60g
Maximum capability: Hydrogen 5.6mL/min, Oxygen 2.8mL/min



Fuel cell module

Open circuit voltage: >0.9V
Current: 0-0.3A
Size(mm): 77*65*32
Weight: 60g