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As soon as we see the heart of "hydrogen", Pearl will appear in 2020 hydrogen energy industry conference
2020/12/23 20:54:28

The fourth China (Foshan) International hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology and products exhibition (chfe2020), the largest hydrogen energy exhibition in China, will be held at the Qiaoshan cultural center in Nanhai from October 18 to 22.

As the largest hydrogen energy exhibition in China, it covers hydrogen infrastructure, fuel cell, core parts, materials, fuel cell vehicle manufacturing, industrial cooperation, hydrogen production, storage, transportation, hydrogen utilization and other fields.

Developing green hydrogen energy and boosting world economy in 2020

In chfe2020 hydrogen energy exhibition, as an invited enterprise, Pearl hydrogen energy has decided to participate in the exhibition and will present a number of new hydrogen energy products in the world, including bicycles, yachts, sanitation vehicles and other new hydrogen energy products, bringing new feelings and experiences of hydrogen energy life to the audience. During the conference, visitors can also participate in a variety of experience activities, so that they can experience the convenience of hydrogen products to the society.

Activity 1: hydrogen bicycle and hydrogen cruise experience

Pearl has launched fuel cell bicycles as early as the 2008 World Expo in Spain, and the latest 2.0 version of fuel cell bicycles and fuel cell cruise ships will be launched in this exhibition. The hydrogen energy products brought by Pearl were launched in the world during the conference. Compared with the past, these hydrogen energy products are no longer unattainable, but more close to our daily life. They can better show the terminal applications of the future "hydrogen society" to the public, and will provide test rides for the audience coming to the exhibition.

Hydrogen boat experience

Hydrogen auditorium

Activity 2: "hydrogen listening theater" - Shi Tao (general manager of Foshan Pearl)

As a special project of the exhibition, "hydrogen listening theater" has been held for two consecutive sessions. A group of influential industrial giants have gathered in Foshan, which will bring profound thinking and insights on the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell industry. At that time, Shi Tao, general manager of Foshan Pearl, will be a guest of the forum to share with you the thoughts and insights of Pearl hydrogen energy in the development of hydrogen energy.

Shi Tao, general manager of Foshan Pearl